GAME OF THRONES Comic-Con Mondo Posters

HBO has teamed up with Mondo to created a cool series of Comic-Con poster art for the awesome fantasy series Game of Thrones. Every piece is different, but each one has awesome qualities. 

The posters will be gradually made available throughout the week of Comic-Con at Mondo’s booth (#437; for more details follow @MondoNews).

The first one above was created by Martin Ansin it "features (House Lannister) lionesses taking down a (House Baratheon) stag with (House Stark) wolves in pursuit. And what’s that threat in the distance? A (House Targaryen) dragon."

This is Daniel Danger's piece and he "took on the opening moments of the pilot episode: A White Walker closes in on Night’s Watch rangers. Reminiscent of the very first image released of the show."

And the last one comes from Vania Zouravliov.

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