STAR TREK Gadgets Masterfully Made of LEGO

Gear Star TrekLEGO by Eli Reyes

When I was a kid, I would make Star Trek phasers out of 5-6 blocks of LEGO max. And I wasn't creative enough to make a communicator out of the blocks so I would just flip open my wallet as a communicator (I still do sometimes). When my brother bought an actual Star Trek Phaser toy, my minimalist phasers became obsolete. That wouldn't have been the case if I could stack the LEGO bricks like Tommy Williamson, who has beautifully built LEGO versions of the Phaser Type-II, Communicator, and Tricorder from the original Star Trek series. The Tricorder even opens up and has working lights. Check out the vid for proof.

What kind of weapons did you build out of LEGO?

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