Chris Columbus To Develop CREEPY Magazine Adaptation

Harry Potter director Chris Columbus is developing a big screen adaptation based on the cool old-school horror magazine Creepy. The plan is to turn it into a four-part anthology film, in which Columbus will write and produce. The film will fall in line with other throwback anthology horror films like The House That Dripped Blood and Tales From The Crypt.

Creepy was an American horror-comics magazine that was launched in 1964 and lasted until 1983. It was a black-and-white newsstand publication in a magazine format, so it didn't require the approval or seal of the Comics Code Authority. Each issue's stories were introduced by the host character, Uncle Creepy. Its sister publications included Eerie and Vampirella.

I used to read these magazines while staying at my grandpa's house during my summers growing up. They had an old suitcase full of these Creepy and Eerie magazines that I loved reading. The iconic magazine cover art came from artists such as Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Bernie Wrightson, Gene Colan, Richard Corben, Al Williamson, and Wally Wood.

This is an interesting project for Columbus to take on, and I hope he does something cool with it! I have yet to be blown away by a Columbus film, but as a fan of the horror genre and anthology films, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Here's what the filmmaker had to say in a statement,

I am thrilled to be immersed once again in the world of CREEPY and EERIE. They featured some of the most important comic book artists of the time and were incredibly influential in my desire to become a filmmaker. It is really exciting to have the opportunity to bring these unique tales to the screen and share them with today’s audiences.

Rights to both Creepy and Eerie magazines were acquired by the Brauns who added,

We have always been fans of Anthology horror films such as the Trilogy of Terror and Tales from the Crypt and it has been our goal to figure out a way to make a great CREEPY anthology. Chris and Michael and their team at 1492 are the perfect partners to bring this to life.

Are you excited to see what Columbus has planned for this cool horror anthology?