David Slade Drops From DAREDEVIL Reboot

Some sad news for the day: David Slade (30 Days of Night) has recently dropped out of directing the upcoming Daredevil reboot. The reason? So he can helm the upcoming Hannibal TV show. But now 20th Century Fox must hurry to find a replacement director so the rights won’t go back to Marvel/Disney.

I just hope they find a solid director to deliver a solid movie. The ongoing Daredevil comic is one of the highest critically acclaimed series out right now, and it deserves an equal movie.

I actually think this is a good move on Mr. Slade’s part sticking with the darker genre. 30 Days of Night is one of my favorite vampire movies.

My ideal picks for a director for a Daredevil reboot would be Tony Scott, Bryan Singer, or James McTeigue. Who is your ideal pick?

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