Jessica Biel Cast as Viper in THE WOLVERINE

Jessica Biel has landed her second Marvel movie role, as she's been cast as the character Viper in the James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Girl Interrupted) directed The Wolverine. The first Marvel movie she starred in was Blade II.

The Viper character, formerly known as Madame Hydra, has a long arc in the X-Men mythology. She is a professional terrorist and has her own organization. She has come into conflict with many superheroes and supervillains over the years. Her nihilism and tendency to spread death around her has made it hard for other villains to associate with her.

As for her relationship with Wolverine, in the comics she "blackmailed him into marrying her as a means to secure her criminal empire in Madripoor. Although this was a marriage of convenience, she did request to consummate the arrangement. Some time later, her body was briefly inhabited by the spirit of Ogun, and Wolverine mortally wounded her as a means of driving the spirit from her dying body. In return for seeking medical attention to save her life, Wolverine demanded a divorce. It is later implied that she actually had feelings for Wolverine."

The feature is based on the classic Chris Claremont and Frank Miller 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics. The story will follow Logan, who starts "a forbidden romance with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is, unfortunately, promised to another man. Since Logan won't take "no" for an answer, it puts him into battle with her father and her samurai-sword-wielding brothers and Silver Samurai."

Biel is a kickass female actress, who should be great in the role. I'm excited to see how this movie actually turns out! The Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26th, 2013. Biel will next be seen starring alongside Colin Farrell inTotal Recall.

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