SDCC '12: GAME OF THRONES Panel and New Cast Video

The room was packed to the brim for this Game of Thrones panel. George R.R. Martin began the panel welcoming the audience and apologizing for the absence of some cast members. We then were given a recap of season 2, which was even better than the first season in my mind. The footage showed all of the important elements to remind fans of what took place ending with the final scene from last season. Then a preview reel introduced some the new cast members.

Martin announced that the show is the current the biggest cast on TV, and joked that he would have to start killing off some of them (much to the dismay of the audience).

The cast members on the panel came out, and it was odd to see them clean. In character they have to wear such dirty medieval period clothing, so it was nice to see them in their normal attire.

Producer Carolyn Strauss talked a bit about how the show was able to get made on HBO. She calls the show a "genre buster" and states that the network has put up a bunch of money to help make the show what it is today.

Alfie Allen talked about his character Theon and how he enjoys playing darker characters. He is happy to be part of the cast. Martin asked Allen what is was like to star in all of the sex scenes, and he joked that he enjoyed it and pointed out that his character is paying for sex because he only sleeps with prostitutes.

Richard Madden was asked if he would rather do sex or violence, and he said he enjoys the violence, stating that "swinging a sword is much more fun."

Michelle Fairley was asked about her arc on the show and how much darker it has gotten during the second season. She said that her script is her bible, and she loves the big emotional scenes. She says you "actually have to believe you are that person and get stuck in it."

Rose talked a bit about how she was born and grew up in a castle. Saying it was a bit different than Winterfell.

Emilia was asked about how she said that her life had not changed when at Comic-Con last year, and if it has changed now. She said that it still does not happen everyday, but when it happens it really happens. She described a time in a department store when leaving an elevator where the fan just looked at her and said her characters name in a hushed tone.

Martin then goes back to Carolyn to talk about the shows grueling shooting schedule, that has filming going on simultaneously in four different countries.She talked a bit about how she is able to wrangle the various locations. She says it s "a real herculean task, and that everyone seems to be able to pull it off". Richard was asked about working with the wolves during the season. He revealed that it is not an actual dog, and instead a giant silver ball to help with blocking for the scenes.

Emilia then chimed in that she had replica dragons for the first season, and in season two there were live scale dragon models used. She admitted becoming very protective of them during the course of filming. Clarke went on to talk about how amazing it was to film in the throne room and the return of Count Drogo during the dream sequence.

Here is a synopsis of the fan Q&A segment of the panel:
  • The panel was asked the most enjoyable scene from the past season. Alfie remarked how he enjoyed his final scene during the last season; Michelle said she loved working with Richard, especially the scene with Alan Taylor. Richard chimed in and stated that he also loved working with Michelle in the tent sequences.
  • The panel was asked about how they enjoy wearing the costumes. Richard responded by saying he loves wearing his costume, especially the leathers. There are moment where it gets tiresome, but putting it on is really just a dream. Michelle pointed out that the costume designer is simply incredible, especially the detail and embroidery of the costumes. Emilia talked about how she was happy her costume was changed to be a bit more warm. 
  • Richard was asked where his favorite place to film was. He talked about how he loved filming in Winterfell, revealing that each room had a different incense burning to enhance the mood during filming.
  • The panel was asked if they thought the show and storyline was relevant for todays real-life-situations. Carolyn stated how that there are so many great complex characters and stories that are acted beautifully. Martin stated that he wrote the books to be their very own world, and not to reflect current day situations.
  • Martin was asked about the turtle on his hat, and he shared how he grew up in NJ not being able to have pets, and turtles were his only pets. 
  • The panel was then asked if they had read the books, and the entire panel stated that they each had, because they want to make it as real as possible. Richard states that he reads season-by-season so he remains surprised. Michelle talked about how the books help get her into the characters mind and show what they are dealing with internally.
  • Emilia was asked what her characters insecurities and vulnerabilities. She stated that she has to not show her fear and remain as strong as she can. That allows her to stay human.
  • Finally we were shown the very first snippet of a clip for the third season. It was very short, so stay tuned to see the full video when its available. 
Fans of fantasy love Game of Thrones, but it is not a show just for us. There is such great dramatic characters and intense action sequences that annyone will find something to love. 

Here is the clip introducing the new cast members:

Are you looking forward to seeing the next season of the show?


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