SDCC '12: LOOPER Panel Video

I will watch any movie Rian Johnson makes; he's just that good. Johnson's newest film takes on time travel, which I think is the hardest of movie genres to do well. It's an incredibly risky kind of movie to make because of the logic loops and inevitible plot holes.

To step up the level of insanity, Joseph Gordon Levitt wears makeup to transform himself into a young Bruce Willis.


I really wish we could show the footage they presented, but obviously that's exclusive to Comic-Con and they don't allow us to record it. The footage shown is more of an extended cut from the trailers and TV spots we've already seen. We do have one revelation into where the term Looper comes from... but I'll leave that spoiler for the end of the post.


The term Looper comes from the fact that these special assassins will one day be sent back to be killed by another Looper or maybe even themselves.

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