On the Man of Steel panel were director Zack Snyder and Superman himself, Henry Cavill. They didn't just show us a trailer, they showed us about 5 minutes of scenes from throughout the film.

The footage was very stylistic, and it looks awesome. You can see Snyder's style, but you can definitely see Chris Nolan's fingerprints all over it. They showed a lot of footage that didn't reveal a single thing. Whoever cut this was a genius. I think the most interesting point of this panel is how nervous Snyder is to see how the fan reaction will be.

While watching the clip again I can point out a few things. Apparently, instead of flying directly north to find the fortress of solitude, he takes his time and makes it a journey. They show portions of his travels north. You also see Kevin Costner revealing to Clark the ship he came to earth in and letting him know that he is not of this world. They also show Superman in full suit. I was one of the biggest naysayers about Cavill, but my attitude has changed. Cavill is truly his own hero, and he pulls it off. They showed a quick shot of General Zod and what his suit will look like.

All in all the shots look great, the sets are amazing and I can't wait to see more. 

The best part about the panel was the promise that Snyder made to the fans. He promised that Superman wouldn't be your normal "Boy Scout in blue." He wanted Superman to kick ass and that is what we will see. The other thing said that gave me confidence was Snyder's story of how he was brought onto this project. He said that Chris Nolan personally called Snyder and asked him to go to lunch and talk about Superman. Nolan has earned the right to have his opinion respected. So, if Nolan thinks that Snyder has the chops to appropriately handle this project, then we should pay attention. 

I am surprised and happy with what we saw in both the panel and the clips. I am once again excited to see what we are going to get from Snyder's Man of Steel. Are you excited to see what will come? Or are you in doubt about what Snyder will bring? Until next time...

McMurphy Out!