80s Movies Invade NYC

In celebration of Crazy 4 Cult coming to NYC, artist Jason Edmiston created this cornucopia of 80's movie characters arriving in NYC (The Warriors is 1979... that's close enough.) The show, which will feature about 200 artists will be opening on August 9th. For more info visit Gallery1988.

This pic allows for words like 'nerd-gasm' to be thrown around, but I'll stick with the classic 'awesome' for this one. There's gotta be some kind of riddle that can be made from this pic. Like... Robocop, Alien, and Swan from The Warriors need to get to Times Square. But you can only fit two characters in your taxi-cab at a time. Robocop can't be alone with Swan, cuz he'll arrest him, and the Alien can't be alone with Robocop cuz all that slime will make his parts rust. How do you get them all to Times Square in your taxi-cab?