Andrew Stanton to Direct FINDING NEMO 2

John Carter director Andrew Stanton is back at Pixar Animation Studios and prepping to direct Finding Nemo 2, which is sure to be a much bigger hit than John Carter. As much as I like the movie it didn't do very well at the box office. 

According to Deadline, Stanton, who directed the first Finding Nemo movie, is officially back on to direct the sequel. Apparently, he came up with a story concept that the studio loves. Stanton will eventually do another live-action movie, in fact Disney is working on making something happen with him regardless of his first live-action movie flop. The guy is a talented director, he's just not very good with the marketing aspect of the business, which is the main reason John Carter failed. So Disney is looking forward to working with the director again, it's just a matter of coming up with the right project. 

I liked the first Finding Nemo movie. Aside from the Toy Story franchise, this would only be the second sequel that Pixar makes. There was Cars 2, but damn that sucked big time. Hopefully they are able to make a better sequel with Finding Nemo. Are you looking forward to seeing a sequel to Finding Nemo?

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