Superheroes are so last year. It seems that every major studio has at least one classic fairy tale reimagining in their development pipeline. You can now add one more to the list. According to THR 21 Jump Street producer Neal Moritz is moving forward with a comedic take on Sleeping Beauty. Here's what they report,

[This ] Sleeping Beauty fairy tale… turns the slumbering sweetie into a pesky stalker.

The 21 Jump Street producer is developing a modern-day retelling that finds the male protagonist accidently awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can't get rid of the lovestruck heroine.

This actually sounds pretty funny to me. Lately it seems all the retellings come as super serious, it’s nice to see a more lighthearted approach. Hopefully, they can do more that way.

What do you think of this news? What other classic fairytale should have a comedic reboot?

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