Dear Rush Limbaugh, The Agenda Goes Both Ways

Dear Rush, 

Not to be crude or overstating the obvious here, but I'm sure you are already aware you were off the mark with your "Bane/Bain" conspiracy theory. If anything, your theory did nothing but solidify the fact we are going to be seeing a lot of this come November...

Seriously though, as a mindless pop culture drone, it's true that I am extremely excited for the upcoming release of one of the biggest films of the Summer, The Dark Knight Rises. As I am "the young people" and someone you "count on" to hit the polls using only my knowledge of Batman, I am happy to inform you that I in no way am affected by connections to Batman villains created in the early 90s and offshore bank accounts of presidential nominees. While my movie preference holds no weight over who I will choose to vote for this election, I can safely say Batman writers have accounted for this seemingly liberal agenda pushed by a British director.

Established in the 19th century and with over 13 different branches valued at billions upon billions of dollars, Wayne Enterprises is a force to be reckoned with in the international market. With one of the oldest steel mills and ship yards on the East Coast, farms in the Midwest for food production, and research that spans from pharmaceuticals to a private space program, Wayne Enterprises not only employs hundreds of thousands of Americans, but specializes in American products. They're headed up by Bruce Wayne,  a dedicated business man, and while his finances have always been somewhat of a mystery, he has always been well loved by the community, despite his being a part of the "1%".

By night? He is the Batman. He helps out the little guy by using his vast fortune to prevent the innocent from being preyed upon. He stands up for American values and consistently fights terrorism, gathering information by any means necessary to ensure the security of the values we hold most sacred.

With the economy this tight, it's safe to say money will be tight in corporations and crime will be on the rise. He's going to need that money and weapon privilege to better serve the public, I don't have to put two and two together for you. Mr. Limbaugh, The Dark Knight is undoubtedly a conservative. Furthermore Policymic predicts he will be voting for Mr. Romney this November. Now Catwoman on the other hand...

Let's not get into that.

Sincerely yours,

Robot Reagan

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