The 50 Coolest Batman Gadgets

MovieBatmanby Joey Paur

Most superhero's save people with their super powers, but not Batman. He's a badass rich dude that uses his money and talents to build awesome gadgets to take down the criminals that invade Gotham City. Batman is the king of gadgets, all of which have come in handy for him throughout his career as a crime fighter. He's been creating these gadgets since 1939, and they just get better and better as the years go on. 

With The Dark Knight Rises being released this Friday Complex has written up an article presented by Sony SmartWatch that lists Batman's 50 coolest gadgets. I've gone through their list and picked my ten favorite gadgets and listed them below. To see the full list of 50, head on over to Complex. When you're done going through them let us know what your favorite Batman gadgets are!

1. The Batarang

There are no gimmicks here; the standard Batarang is easily the most important piece of Batman’s arsenal. These specialized throwing stars are nothing more than sculpted metal in the shape of a bat. Simple, right? You tell that to the thugs that the Dark Knight punctures with these bad boys every night.

2. Grappling Gun

For a hero who can’t fly, yet has to travel the length of one of the largest cities on Earth in a timely fashion, it was vital for Batman to invent a way to swing from building to building without the danger of falling to his death. Thus, the Caped Crusader thought up the legendary grappling gun. With the ability to support his body weight—and often times that of another person—this gun fires out a cable that can attach to buildings, police helicopters, or any other object in his way allowing him to swing freely.

3. Bat Shark Repellent

Even though it only appeared once, the Bat-Shark Repellent has become one of the most famous gadgets in Batman lore. Used to get rid of a very random Great White that was dangling off of his leg, this spray saved the Caped Crusader from certain doom in his big screen debut.

4. Built in Lie Detector

Hidden in his cowl is a built-in lie detector that reads a criminal’s heart rate and body temperature. The detector then shows a message to Batman through his cowl’s lenses telling him whether or not he’s being lied to. Honestly, this is one of the more implausible gadgets that the Batman writers have come up with in recent years, but it’s hard to deny just how useful something like this would be for a crime fighter.

5. Batmobile Remote Control

You probably think you’re a big shot because you have a remote starter on your car, right? Well, Batman doesn’t just have a remote starter on his Batmobile; he has the ability to drive the damn thing with his voice. While escaping from the Joker with Vicki Vale in the 1989 version of Batman, the Dark Knight ordered the Batmobile to pick them both up through the use of a voice-activated remote control. Within moments the car was there ready for Batman to hop in.

6. Utility Belt Taser

In desperate scenarios, Batman’s utility belt turns into a weapon itself. When someone other than the Dark Knight attempts to look through his belt to find out his secrets, a strong electrical charge is sent through it that will render an opponent temporarily unconscious. This is one of the reasons that his enemies can’t simply snatch his belt off from behind. It also means that Batman’s belt is about as dangerous as the man himself.

7. Fake Vampire Teeth

One of the tactics he uses to scare criminals is a pair of fake vampire teeth that he created. This makeshift tool makes the scum of the city truly believe that he is an otherworldly creature of the night, and it quickly brings these criminals to their knees before he ever has to throw a punch.

8. Finger Taser

Batman’s arsenal is filled with countless non-lethal gadgets for his war on crime. And while some of them are large and somewhat gaudy, a recent addition to his armory is so small you would never even know it’s there unless you really piss him off. In Detective Comics #871, Batman unleashed a powerful taser hidden in the index finger of his glove on Becca Mulcahey as she snuck up behind him in an attempt on his life. Small and compact, this weapon is perfect for the Dark Knight when carrying excess weight is not an option.

9. Cell Phone Sonar Device

Batman’s a busy dude, so sometimes he needs to outsource his gadget creation to Lucius Fox—Wayne Enterprise’s resident tech-geek. In The Dark Knight, Lucius created a way to have the signal emitted from everyday cell phones to be turned into a unique sonar beacon that only Batman could see, through the use of some specialized lenses. This sonar signal gave Bruce Wayne the ability to see everyone in the area of the signal, even if they were hiding in buildings or under ground.

10. Kyptonite Ring

Batman may know a lot about combat, chemistry, technology, and costume design, but the dude really needs to brush up on his social skills. Case in point; one of his best friends in the superhero world is Superman. And how does Batman show the Man of Steel how much he means to him? By carrying around a kryptonite ring at all times in case he ever needs to belt him.

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