Hilarious BACK TO THE FUTURE Parody Video

The Sneaky Zebra have returned with a hilarious new parody video. This time they have set their sites on my favorite time travel movie, Back to the Future. Imagine if the Doc did not quite get the calcuations correct when building the DeLorean, and you will have an idea of what the video is about.

Here is a description:

Proceeds from this video will be donated to the Michael J Fox foundation - the more this video is shared/facebooked/twittered the more we can donate. So get sharing and we can make a positive impact on the people who suffer from Parkinsons.

To make a direct donation go to:

Gary tooled only with a super nerd brain and the SneakyZebra's archive of blueprints has a plan, on which will require the most iconic time machine in the world!
The Plan? To use the Delorean to travel back to February 14th, 2005 when YouTube was first founded and create the most popular videos first!

of course that's only if Gary got the calculations correct! - will he be able to match Doc Brown and get this baby to 88mph?

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I have always wondered if the movie would have been so iconic if another type of car had been used. What vehicle would you choose as your time travel vessel?


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