Christopher Nolan's JAMES BOND - Fan Made Trailer

Christopher Nolan has expressed his interest in making a James Bond film several times, and it just might happen when the universe aligns itself with the gods of awesomeness. In the mean time,  here's a cool fan made trailer that shows us what a Nolan Bond film might look like with Michael Fassbender as 007.

The trailer was cut by YouTube user , and here's the made up synopsis and cast for the fake trailer:

The Origins of the legendary British spy. Michael Fassbender plays James Bond before he became 007. Liam Neeson trains him to become a spy. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the villain of the film, and he is a very rich arms dealer, who uses his money for terrorism. Gary Oldman plays the M. Marion Cotillard plays a sexy double agent. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a CIA agent. Michael Caine plays a spy who was a good friend of Bond's father.... Witness the origins of James Bond.

It's a little ridiculous, and some of it doesn't make much sense, but that's ok. It's the thought that counts. 

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