The ABCs of Surviving Comic-Con

With San Diego Comic-Con inching its way closer everyday, we here at GeekTyrant thought it would be a good idea to provide a little help to those attending the convention for the first time. It takes a lot out of you. For those of you who have already been before or are seasoned veterans, these pictures should hopefully be a trip down memory lane for you. Here's your A-Z guide to surviving Comic-Con, or at least how to make the most out of what is soon to be your mortal demise.

A: Always have your camera on you. You never know who you'll get to meet.

B: Bring snacks.

C: Cheap costumes are NOT better than No costume.

D: Don't cut in-line...
E: ...except when you can get away with it.
F: Family Day! Sunday is set aside for unwinding and spending time with the kids.
G: Get enough sleep.
H: Help each other out. Geeks gotta stick together.
I: Improvise. You never know what will come in handy.
J: Just cuz they say it doesn't make it true. Don't buy too much into the hype.
K: Keep cash on you. Most vendors don't take cards and no one takes fake jewelry.
L: Leave certain weapons at home.
(No, but really...)
M: Make the most of it. Don't get too torn up if someone doesn't show up.
N: Never take your eyes off your kids. It's a crowded place....
Superheroes aren't always there to save them.
O: Odor; keep yours under control.
(These disposable underpants might just come in handy)
P: Parking can be a nightmare sometimes, but don't risk
parking illegally.You don't want the cops to have your car towed.
Q: Questions should not anger the panel. When you ask questions make sure they are original or funny. Be sure to have a few prepared; the odds are high some else might ask the same question.
R: Remember to pick up a souvenir. Also remember to take them
back to your house... or Batcave. Lost merchandise/money is no fun.
S: Sunscreen. You're standing outside in the sun a lot waiting in line. Don't get burned.
T: Twilight fans are almost gone, no use hating on them...
U: ...use earplugs around them though, they're screamers.
V: Visit Artist Alley! Get to know the artists behind the comics. Not just the movies about the comics.
W: Wear a COMFORTABLE costume. Comfortable shoes are a must too.
X: X-Rated Costumes are a Wookie mistake.
Wear more clothing than Chewbacca... or at least, wear Chewbacca.
Y: You never know who's underneath the mask. Treat everyone with respect.
Z: Zombies are just here to have fun too.
(But just in case....)

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