Dear Aurora Colorado, Rise.

Citizens of Aurora, Colorado,

The shock of the nation can not possibly overshadow the sadness felt by your community on this morning. Twice your fair state has made news for shootings that have stood us all on our head. That feeling where the illusion that you are truly safe when traveling about your daily lives is shattered, and we are reminded how fragile our lives really are. The identities of the antagonists are well known and widely disseminated, but the motive and intentions forever locked away in the mind of the individual.

I'm reminded of the line delivered by Michael Caine in The Dark Knight, "Some men just like to watch the world burn." The credits roll and the movie ends, and we are left with the solace that there will always be a Batman for when we are in crisis. The reality is, caped crusaders are too far and few between for the amount of dark and twisted individuals that walk our Earth.

12 individuals can affect the lives of more people than we realize, and the injuries of the other 50 will take more than time to heal, but know that this time of trial shall pass. I have but one request for the nation in this communities time of sadness, that we rise and be heroes for them in this time. Sympathies, condolences, anything that will help. Take a note from a long held stance in the  franchise that anyone can be a Batman in some form or another. Together, we can stand against the very real evil that exists outside of the silver screen in society.

My final words, Aurora, come from the film itself but at the risk of spoilers are adapted from the words of Winston Churchill who said, "When you find yourself in Hell, keep going." Godspeed Aurora, and we will be with you as you "rise."


Robot Reagan and the Geektyrant crew

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