Kevin Costner To Star in Disney's Track-and-Field Drama MCFARLAND

Kevin Costner, the actor who is arguably most famous for the trio of sports films Field of Dreams, Tin Cup, and Bull Durham, is in talks to return to the sports genre in a new Disney movie called McFarland.

The Hollywood Reporter says the movie is based on the true story of a track-and-field coach living in McFarland, California, in 1980 who wrangled together a team of the mostly Latino youths in his area and tells the story of how they "overcame many social and physical hurdles to become champions." I like sports films, and I really like Costner as an actor, so I'm hoping they'll be able to bring us something that isn't just a rehash of a thousand other sports films that sound just like this one. He's certainly getting a bit of a pop culture boost with his appearance in Man of Steel and the recent successful western miniseries Hatfields and McCoys.

Niki Caro, who burst onto the scene with Whale Rider in 2002, is directing, and while this will be her first sports film, it's certainly not the first time she's worked with high quality talent; she also directed Charlize Theron in 2005's North Country. Let's hope she's got her own special spin to put on this true story that will really make it connect on screen.

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