ALIEN Inspired Face Hugger Corset

Check out this awesome alien inspired face hugger corset from Rage Custom Creations. Any of you geek ladies out there want one? If you do it would cost you $250 dollars, and here are the details...

The Facehugger on the corset can be painted any color you want, at no additional cost to you. I can make it Chrome as you see in the picture, or any other metallic color, or pink if your heart desires it. Custom paint jobs that may be more intricate, such as wanting a Hello Kitty (it has been asked) on it will be extra. Also, I can age it if you desire, or just leave it NEW looking as I did with the one you have seen.

It is made of vinyl, and is susceptible to heat, so please bare that in mind when wearing it. If you do have a problem with it, I will be more than happy to give advice on repairs or anything of that nature. But please don't let what I wrote scare you off. It is rigid vinyl, so it will last you a lifetime, as long as you care for it.

The tail is filled with foam, and rigid wire, which will allow you to shape it to your individual waist. Careful bending of it to contour to your hip is simple, but be gentle with it. As cool as it may be, it is not a toy, nor indestructible.

What do you think of this twisted/cool face hugger corset?