Black Widow, Luke Cage, and The Wasp - Pulp Noir Book Art

Artist Calamity Jon has created this extremely cool series of pulp noir book art for Marvel's Black Widow, Luke Cage and The Wasp. It would actually be kind of cool to see a line of pulp noir style comic books like this!

Here's an explanation by the artist on what he was going for:

I assigned each character to a dream team pulp writer whom I thought matched the essence of the character. Donald Hamilton was best-known for his Matt Helm series of spy novels, which I thought made him an appealing choice for the Natasha Romanova "series". Leslie Charteris was, of course, creator of the suave and witty Saint series of novels, so I gave him rein over the socialite adventurer Janet van Dyne and her scientist husband (Also, I thought Dashiell Hammett would have been a little on-the-nose), and Hoke Moseley creator Charles Willeford is assigned to craft the seedy, unsentimental world of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.

None of these writers were particularly known for science fiction, which I thought made it more interesting to imagine them writing characters who - if not traditional sci-fi character - at least often set foot in impossible realms. You would have to imagine they'd be stripped down to characters devoid of super-powers and ladled with intrigue.

Would you read these books if they actually existed?