Christopher Nolan's Advice to Next BATMAN Director

It's inevitable, Warner Bros. is going to reboot the Batman franchise again without director Christopher Nolan. They plan on it, and I imagine we'll see a new Batman film within the next three years. It will be interesting to see who the studio brings in to direct the next movie. It's going to be really hard to do better than what Nolan has done, but the director does offer up some advice to the next Batman director, whoever it will be. 

During a conversation on Empire's podcast, Nolan said,

The only advice I would have is that ... when I first met with Paul Levitz of DC Comics prior to Batman Begins, he explained to me clearly that Batman, of all superheroes, has thrived on reinterpretation and almost is strengthened by it. And I'm talking about over the years in the comic books but also in the movies. So when the time is right, whenever someone does whatever the next iteration of the character is, they simply need to be true to whatever it is they want to see, to what they believe in, not worry too much about what everyone else is telling them it should be.

That's some solid advice, but it doesn't mean that that person's true vision of the character is going to be good. Basically it's up to the studio to find a filmmaker that has an incredible vision worth sharing with the world. It's really hard for me to imagine a better Batman film than what Nolan has created. I know there are ways to do it, I know there is the potential to be a better Batman film, the question is who will be the one to actually make it happen. Chances are we're going to see a few more mediocre Batman films until we get another really good one. 

What are your thoughts on rebooting the Batman franchise? What directors would you like to see take a shot at it?

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