Sam Worthington to Join Arnold Schwarzenegger in TEN

Terminator Salvation star Sam Worthington may be cast in Arnold Schwarzenegger's action-thriller Ten. The actor is currently in talks to join the movie, which is set to be directed by David Ayer (Training Day).

The film was scripted by Skip Woods, and according to Variety, is a "testosterone-heavy riff on Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians." The story "follows an elite DEA task force that robs a dangerous drug cartel under the guise of a tactical raid on one of its safe houses. They think they've gotten away with millions in merch, until team members begin getting bumped off one by one."

Worthington has made a lot big budget action films over the years, but the only movie I've ever really liked him in was James Cameron's Avatar. Everything else he's done has been crap in my eyes. Ten sounds like it could be a solid action film. I'm a fan of Schwarzengger, and Ayer continues to make these great gritty hardcore movies, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this. He most recently directed the great looking police drama called End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

What do you think about Worthington and the films he makes? Are you a fan? What's your favorite movie that he's made?

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