GT's Salute To Narrators - Wonder Years, Pushing Daisies, and More...

We here at GeekTyrant feel there are many unsung heroes in the world of movies and television. So today we decided to throw some love at just one of those unsung heroes, the narrators. Narrators are especially important in commercials. Half the time you have no idea what they're advertising until the announcer comes on. In film and television, narrators help bring the story to life or take you inside a character's heads. In some cases, narration absolutely MAKES the show what it is (e.g. The Wonder Years, Pushing Daisies).

It's the show's stars who usually get impersonated. So if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, narrators aren't getting flattered enough. In this video we shine some light, and poke some fun at a few of our favorite masters of the microphone.

Check out the video and enjoy. Who's your favorite TV Show or movie narrator?

Impressions in order:

Geico Commercial

Rodney Saulsberry - Twix, Zatarain's Commercials

Jim Dale - Pushing Daisies

Daniel Stern - The Wonder Years

Harry Potter Trailer Voice

Morgan Freeman - March of The Penguins 

Jason Statham - Crank

Billy Crudup - Mastercard Commercials

Malcolm McDowell - A Clockwork Orange