This 1930 Film THE BAT WHISPERS Could Have Inspired BATMAN!

Here are a few clips from a great looking 1930 noir film called The Bat Whispers, and as you watch it, you'll be able to see some similarities to Batman. This film could have actually inspired the creation of Batman, who didn't make his first comic book appearance until 1939. 

The movie is extremely well made and has some great shots that I haven't really seen in other films from this era. I'm really impressed by what I saw of this film. According to Daily Motion, the movie "is an early experiment in widescreen film. The Bat Whispers was released in two versions full screen and 65mm this clip is in the 2.00:1 aspect ratio. Great use of miniatures."

Watch the clips from the movie below and you'll see what I'm talking about! Let us know if you think it inspired Batman!

The Bat Whispers 1930 65mm by NilbogLAND

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