THOR: THE DARK WORLD Will Shoot Underground

Some more info has leaked out regarding Marvel's Thor: The Dark World. The movie is gearing up to start shooting later this summer in London, and according to Bleeding Cool several scenes in the movie will be shot underground, here's what they had to report...

Some long tunnels in London will be used for the filming of scenes that, as yet, we haven’t been able to confirm as taking place on Earth, on Asgard or elsewhere. A long tunnel is a long tunnel, though, and when it’s dressed it could be anywhere. But a good long shot, down a real, long tunnel can’t be easily faked on a soundstage.

Last week a rumor hit the net that the Dark Elves would most likely be playing a villainous role in the story, and if this is true, then it makes sense that they would be shooting in underground tunnels and caverns, because that's where the elves reside. It also makes sense that a film titled The Dark World would take place in dark places. 

There's obviously a lot of darkness going on in the Thor sequel, and I'm excited to see what exactly Marvel and director Alan Taylor have in store for us! We've got a long way to go, but before you know it will be completed, and we'll be watching it!

What do you think about the underground tunnel shoots, and how they relate to the Dark Elves?