STAR WARS Messenger Bag Fit For A Wookie

Here is a cool piece of geek gear for Star Wars fans. ThinkGeek is selling this Chewbacca Messenger bag that will have you looking like a wookie in no time. 

Product Description:

Don't call it a man purse

There are many things you should know about having a Wookiee as a friend. For starters, always, always, always let the Wookiee win. Put aside your pride. Take the fall in all games. Let him get into the bathroom first after a long road space trip. Let him get the girl. It'll be easier to pilot your ship if you retain all your limbs.

Secondly, never under any circumstances refer to his messenger bag as a man purse. It's not his fault that all man-made bags are so puny. Also, you're likely to lose a limb. The Chewbacca Messenger Bag is our homage to the most manly man purse in the galaxy. Crafted of faux leather, it is the perfect size for toting your 11" MacBook Air, a netbook, or a tablet as well as any other items you need on your daily adventures. The bandolier style shoulder strap is adjustable for heights from Ewok to Wookiee. What does a Wookiee keep in his bag? Extra ammunition, a tin of Hoth Cocoa, and a Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar, of course!

The bag is available for $74.99, but it is made of fake leather and has a cool Star Wars logo on the flap. Do you think you would buy this Star Wars memorabilia?

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