AMC Cancels THE KILLING, But All is Not Lost

TVAMCFoxby Joey Paur

AMC has officially cancelled The Killing, but don't worry, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I love this series, and I was looking forward to its third season, so it sucks that we might not get to see the story continue. I'm disappointed in AMC who had this to say in a statement,

After much deliberation, we've come to the difficult decision not to renew The Killing for a third season. AMC is incredibly proud of the show and is fortunate to have worked with such a talented team on this project, from showrunner Veena Sud and our terrific partners at Fox Television Studios to the talented, dedicated crew and exceptional cast.

So proud of it that they decided to cancel it? Fox released this statement offering a bit of hope,

Fox Television Studios is extremely proud of The Killing, the extraordinary writing staff and crew, and what we believe is one of the best casts on television. We will proceed to try to find another home for the show.

Just because AMC isn't willing to back the show doesn't mean we won't get a third season. Hopefully Fox will be able to find another network to work on the show with them. 

The final moments of the season 2 finale we saw Seattle homicide detective Sarah Linden (Enos) walking away from the job while partner Stephen Holder (Kinnaman) went off to the next case.

There's still a story to be told, and I want to see it! What are your thoughts on AMC canceling The Killing