Comic-Con 2012 - A Video For People Who Couldn't Go

In case you couldn't attend this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Robert Gilpin did a wonderful job putting together this video montage of 825 stills he took documenting his Comic-Con journey.

This video truly captures the experience of the Con, from waiting in line, walking the exhibit floor, watching panels, the true mayhem of the hectic cosplayer filled streets, the Comic-Con night life and everything else in between. The very end of this video even offers the same euphoric feeling you get walking out of the darkness of Hall H into the bright California sun after watching something amazing!

For those of you who did go, this is a great reminder of the madness we got to be apart of! If you attended SDCC '12, what was your favorite thing you saw? If you didn't go, what are you sad you missed?

Comic Con 2012 in 825 still images from Robert Gilpin on Vimeo.