THOR: THE DARK WORLD Scene Details Revealed

I know not everyone liked the first Thor movie from Marvel, but I loved it and am looking forward to the sequel. We have a letter describing filming locations and scenes for Thor: The Dark World. The letter does not come right out and name the movie, instead it is from the production office of 'another film' titled 'Thursday Mourning'. The letter was sent out to the local residents of the English town to alert them that they would be filming in August and September. It may not say they are filming the Thor sequel, but it's pretty darn obvious.

The letter reads as follows (via SuperHeroHype):

We are writing to let you know about some filming about to be undertaken in Bourne Wood in the coming months. Please find a brief overview and introduction to this project.

"Thursday Mourning" is the working title of a major feature film. It is comic book adaptation set in another "fictional realm".

We will be establishing a fictional village set in another realm, with yurts and village like dressing in the bowl. The sequence involves a battle between two kingdoms, ending in our comic book hero arriving to save the day. The sequence will involve a substantial amount of Stunts and controlled special effects all within the hours 0700 - 1900hrs.

We plan to use most of the areas that are usually occupied by film units for all our support vehicles. The sequence will involve approximately 300 extras who will arrive in the early hours prior to call time to go through costume and makeup.

The Bourne Wood area is a common filming location for movies. It looks as though there will be a fair amount of action in the sequel. Thor: The Dark World is set to hit theaters on November 8, 2013.

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