13-Foot Mech Suit You Can Control With Your iPhone

Gear by Eli Reyes

Who doesn't want their own mech suit?! You'd have to be some heartless person if you think that climbing into a giant machine you can control doesn't look like an insane amount of fun. Have you not seen every other sci-fi movie? If you're in the club with us normal people, you're gonna love this...

Last week, Suidobashi Heavy Industries unveiled the Kuratas, a 13-foot, 4.4-ton mech suit! The customizable mech suit looks mean, and all sorts of deadly, and with a $1.35 million price tag ya kinda wish it was. But alas, it shoots BBs and launches water bottles instead of rockets. Then again, if you're already dropping a couple million dollars on something like this, you probably know a guy who can outfit it with the real artillery... shhhh, your secret is safe with me.

I'd be happy with just being able to climb aboard a giant robot and move a few feet. But in the video below, we see the diesel engine powered mech suit zipping around the streets of Japan at 10 kilometers per hour. On top of that, you can control the Kuratas remotely, via a 3G network. In some sick twist, you can activate the twin BB gatling guns by simply smiling. The video directly below shows the Kuratas in action and a Natalie Portman-lookin' Japanese pilot smiling her enemies down. The video below that is a live demonstration of the Kuratas.

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