Two New Olympic TV Spots for WRECK-IT RALPH

Here are two more Olympic TV spots for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph to add to the one we already posted. Judging from what I've seen of this movie so far, it's going to be awesome! It looks great visually, and it has a solid story and some fun looking characters.

The film is being directed by Rich Moore (The Simpsons) and also features the voices of John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. The movie hits theaters in 3D on November 2nd. When are playing video games ever going to become an Olympic sport?

The first spot is called Gymnastics and features live-action appearances by Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. The second one plays out like more of a traditional TV spot. 



The story follows an old school arcade style bad guy named Ralph, who is a 9 feet tall, 640 pound character that lives in a pile of garbage. His job in the video game is to destroy cities that will only to be built back up again by the good guy with a magic hammer named Felix. Ralph is jealous of all the attention that Felix gets because he is the hero. Ralph goes on an adventure around the arcade he lives in, jumping from game to game looking for a way to prove that he can be a good guy and a hero. Of course, he just doesn't fit in with any of the games. Ralph isn’t content with his fate of being a villain. Some of the games he jumps in on are a Halo type video game and a game called Sugar Rush, which poses a threat to the arcade in which Ralph resides. 

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