Zombies and Aliens Hate Your Family Decals

Gear by Eli Reyes

Here's the not so permanent equivalent of getting a tattoo that says, "Tattoo's Are Stupid." Yes, stick figure decals are lame. Quite frankly, anything stuck on the back of your car besides your license plate tends to be not the best decision you've made. There are of course the geeky exceptions that we have posted, but that is with the full knowledge and pride that they are geeky. A punk rocker with a tattoo of their favorite band is fully aware and proud to represent what they're passionate about. But a girl with a tramp stamp just made a very expensive mistake. A geek with a Star Wars sticker on their car is proud to be a geek. But a stick figure family decal doesn't tell people you're proud of your family, it puts them in danger. Anyone who watches Dexter knows this well.

That said, yeah, these are worth a chuckle. And at $3.95 a piece these wouldn't be the worst purchase you've made. The last thing I want to point out though is, I can't speak for everybody, but "not caring" to me, is more of a passive thing. These people/creatures seem awful violent towards stick figures, except maybe the zonbie, maybe he's just chilin'.

Chain SawAlien AbductionJet FighterZombieNightmare on Elm Street, and Monster Truck versions. are available for purchase on Amazon with free shipping. 

Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family Car Decals

  • Original Designs: All of our decals are original designs by us. Please notify us if you find anyone copying our designs.
  • The Highest Quality Engineering Grade 7 Years Outdoor Avery Vinyl
  • Die Cut – Not a cheap paper Sticker with NO BACKGROUND
  • Decal comes as 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape.
  • Approximate Size: 8″ x 5″
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