Perhaps The Most Compelling Argument for Evolving Pikachu

We posted this on GameTyrant quite awhile ago. I've since kept a copy of this video on my iPhone, and show people whenever I get a chance. This has had over 12million views, but I have meet someone who has already seen this. So we have decided to leave no stone unturned and share this video with you. Why? Because you will laugh incredibly hard!!! I promise you that. As long as you have some type of knowledge, no matter how small, of the Pokémon universe you need to watch this.

Watch Pikachu let loose when a battle doesn't go his way. I think Venusaur steals the show here, but Pikachu brings the profanity laced parody home. Watch this PokeAwesome battle, and let us know if you think Pokémon would be more interesting if the Pokémon could speak more.