Spider-Man's Tangled Web of Adaptations (Infographic)

As a superhero with a secret identity, it's inevitable that you're gonna have to spin a few lies to keep you and your loved ones safe. Peter Parker may have to work hard to manage his way through his web of life, juggling work, girlfriends, and oh yeah! saving New York City countless times. But we've gotta work just as hard to keep up with the many versions of his life, loves, and powers in the many incarnations that we've seen of the character since he was first introduced back in 1962.  

Most gripes about Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man stem from a sincere love of the Raimi films that preceded it, but a lot of the complaints I've heard come from people who ONLY know those movie versions of Spider-Man, and don't take into account the rich (and ever changing) elements of Spidey's 50 year history that there are to draw upon.

If you're not a Spider-Man expert, there's no need to worry or feel that your complaints aren't valid if you truly didn't enjoy the new film. But if you don't wanna look completely uninformed, or at least get more of a sense of just how many versions of Spider-Man there have been, (so many that not all were able to be included in this infographic), you may want to use this infographic to brush up a little.

The graphic was created for BuzzFeed, and maps out the common love interests, powers, and other aspects of Peter Parker's life that are used, not used, or changed completely in the mainstream adaptations of the web slinger.

Of all the adaptations we've seen in the comics, cartoons, and films, which is your favorite version of Spider-Man?

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