News Attack: IRON MAN 3 Set Photos and More

In today's news attack we have some photos from the set of Iron Man 3, a teaser trailer for Turtle Power, as well as a casting announcement for 300: Battle of Artemesia.

Shane Black is currently shooting the new Iron Man installment, and CBM has shared some photos and info from the set. The photos don't unearth anything really interesting, but this shoot, and ones to follow will deal with Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) "isolation".

Here is a description via CBM:

Our source tells us that current shooting sees a return to that lonely hero, as the current filming location, the small, rural town of Rose Hill, North Carolina, has been featuring Tony Stark alone and is set up for a multi-week shoot. Robert Downey Jr. is the only star on site at this time, & a bar and a diner have been constructed in old storefronts in the town, and a lot of filming is to take place in the bar, according to our source.

According to people on the scene, Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be inside, while a stunt double for Robert Downey, Jr. is outside the building doing some shooting. There are apparently a lot of guys in suits, though, suggesting a connection either to the Secret Service who reportedly were in earlier scenes.

Iron Man 3 is surely to be much better than 2, but that is to be expected with Black involved. I am very excited to see this in theaters, and hope that the next set photos will be a bit more interesting.

Skins star Jack O'Connell has joined the cast of the 300 sequel. The Daily Mail confirms that the actor will replace Jamie Blackley as Calisto, who is inspired by his father to lead a band of soldiers to war. Noam Murro is directing a script by Kurt Johnstad. The supporting cast includes Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton, and Rodrigo Santoro in the film, 
The sequel will follow the story of Greek General Themistocles, who lead Athens against Persian invaders in a battle that played out simultaneously with the Battle of Thermopylae, which was depicted in the first film. 300: Battle of Artemisia is scheduled for release on August 2, 2013. 300 was released in 2006, which seems like ages ago. I personally am not sold on the need for a sequel, but time and a cool trailer could easily change my mind.

Finally we have a sweet teaser for Turtle Power, an independed documentary that goes deep behind the 25 year history of the franchise. The documentary includes over 60 interviews with Ninja Turtles co-creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the voice cast of the original animated series, and Brian Henson, the second unit director on the original live-action TMNT movie. 

Check out the teaser and make a donation to help off-set the costs of the doc:

This looks like an amazing documentary that fans of the Ninja Turtles and geeks will love. Are you looking forward to seeing Turtle Power?

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