5 Geeky Ways To Win Their Heart


It's a common misconception that us geeks are a lonely bunch. In fact, I would be so bold as to say our wide range of acceptance and lack of fear to be ashamed of things others may say is uncouth gives us the confidence to excel at times where even Mr. Joe Cool comes up short. Does it always work? Not always, and sometimes our fan-boy-ism translates into our romance and the police get involved. For those seeking guidance, those who have the moves but could stand to pick up a few more tricks, and for the clueless readers with a restraining order, let this be your guide to better winning their heart.


5. Kiss Her Like Spidey

Hmm...thought that would be more romantic in Italian. Nevertheless, take note, as this is one of the most memorable geek kisses in cinema history. Why? The mounting tension, the air of mystery, and the upside down action. Corny? Hell yes, but that's what makes it awesome. Try this on the one you love when they are plopped down all relaxed on the couch. It only equals success...or a funny moment. Either way you win.

4. Be The Wall-e To Her Eve

But really just watch the movie as this is about as romantic and geeky as it gets. Wall-e may not be the most epic sci-fi thriller you've ever laid eyes upon, but it's a fun movie with a good message, a heartwarming tale, and a widespread appeal across the geek spectrum. Even if your fling is more into the Alien series or a complete Star Wars fan, they can appreciate the dynamic between the kind hearted cleaning bot and his aggressive, sleek, laser shooting companion. Who can't appreciate the quirky character coupled with the slightly serious? Cuddle time and feelings guaranteed with this one.

3. Game Together

Trust me I know this is easier said than done, especially if they're a non-gamer. "No, I know you don't like it when I play," "I'm no good," "I like watching!" Please, no one likes watching you play video games. The feeling you get when someone is playing single player and won't include you? That's how they feel accept they want to watch T.V. There's an easy remedy to this, and it's gaming together. Let's not be hasty, no one's saying you have to do it all the time, but for those inevitable moments where you've been spending more time with the Xbox than them. If they aren't a big gamer pick something with an easy premise and fairly simple. Don't be that douche who throws them in a COD match so they get yelled at and knifed while they try to distinguish the difference between halls and walls. Keep it simple, make it fun, and have a laugh together so you can go back to your gaming after.

2. Dance Like Travolta

Most dudes don't dance, and the ones that do can't evolve beyond arms side to side with a booty backing up on them. The man who can step to with more than a few moves in his arsenal is never without a dance partner. Seriously though 60% of dancing is making stuff up and moving it to a rhythm. The other 40%? Confidence. You can just as easily look like the idiot as you can the man depending on the way you carry yourself. Just get out there and do it, the world loves a dancer, and the ones that don't are sitting off to the side alone and bitter. Need some ideas? Let John Travolta help you out.


1. Be Geek.

You are a geek, yes this is true. That means you are passionate, imaginative, and typically aren't concerned about fitting the mold. You have a personality. You are an interesting individual chocked full of information most are unaware of. You've read some of the most romantic fictional story lines in the market. You can be a hero, you know how it's done. Embrace who you are and they'll love you for it. After all, you are McLovin.

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