ALIEN 3 Behind the Scenes Video - Bambi Burster Baby Alien

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Alien 3 isn't David Fincher's best work, but it's still fun to see some behind the scenes footage of what went in to creating the special effects for the movie. The video below gives us a look at the creation of a baby Alien they called the Bambi Burster. This movie was made about 20 years ago, so practical effects were the way to go. I actually kind of wish they would use more practical effects in movies these days. it would have been so cool working on stuff like this for the movies!

Here's the note that came along with the video,

For Fincher's ALIEN 3, we created the "Bambi Burster". Though cut from the film, this video shows a test of the unfinished rod puppet. Crowded around it are ADI co-founder and multi-Oscar nominee Alec Gillis, future WETA dignitary Gino Acevedo, future Oscar winners Dave Elsey and Mark Coulier, and future video demi-god Chris Cunningham. The puppet was sculpted by future director Steve Norrington (BLADE, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN). This video shot by future Oscar winner Tom Woodruff Jr. The Bambi Burster itself never grew up to win anything. Poor little puppet.

Did you like Alien 3? I would actually love to see a new Alien movie that takes place after James Cameron's Aliens, as if Alien 3 never existed. Enjoy the behind the scenes video!