Comic Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #11


We are back with issue #11 of the Justice League. Looks like our team has been trounced by Mr. Graves, who really really hates them just in case you didn't notice. Can they make a comeback? And was the comeback any good? Let’s see, shall we?

The Review:
Not sure if its been officially established, but it appears that Batman is the de-facto Justice League leader. I’m a fan of this logic.

Anyway, the JLA wake up after getting their collective asses kicked and recount some of the nightmares that Graves made them relive. For Superman, it was Pa Kent dying of a heart attack. For Batman, well we all know what Mr. Wayne saw. For Green Lantern, it was watching his dad's plane crash.

After the League tracks down Graves to Steve Trevor’s sister’s house, they arrive en masse. But Graves, who had been tormenting Tracy Trevor (lovely name) vanishes immediately. Not out of cowardice, as he's already beaten them. More like a strategic retreat. The League also now finds out about who exactly David Graves is and his last known location. Wonder Woman is extremely guilt-ridden, especially after Tracy chews her out for crushing Steve’s heart. So Wonder Woman wants to go rogue and kill Graves. This then leads to a rather pointless fight where Wonder Woman flips out on Green Lantern for trying to talk her down from committing murder. It was overly excessive in some parts, especially when she dropkicked Superman for trying to stop the fight. While I wouldn’t have minded seeing Wonder Woman versus another League member in a better context, it makes her look rather stupid to do this in front of civilians (and possibly endangering them!), especially since Diana hasn’t really displayed such acrimony before in regards to her other teammates. Even worse, Graves somehow mananges to broadcast this internal spat to the entire world via his unexplained control over various satellites.

After Cyborg teleports the team to Graves’ Maine writing cabin, cooler heads prevail. The League then finds why Graves hates them (losing his family) and where he got his powers; a place called Mt. Sumeru. Once they’ve arrived at Sumeru, the League then sees the ghosts of their lost loved ones…including Steve Trevor. Shit!

Also, we get another Shazam short. Black Adam is looking for the Wizard (who I’m guessing is possibly Captain Marvel). Newly empowered Dr. Sivana finds a way to become useful to Black Adam in finding said Wizard. Meanwhile, Billy and one of his several foster siblings get a little revenge on the bratty rich kids who bullied them at school. And Billy finally takes the first active steps toward realizing his powers.

Eh. More of a filler issue that bridges to the final showdown with Graves. He was barely in the issue, but the League has finally caught up to the audience. But what made that exposition work was that we found out some new facts, like the fact that Graves’ book on the Justice League was what helped their meteoric rise in the public eye years ago. Also, it seems that his family died of a mysterious, cancer-like illness that would have claimed his life too. And Graves blamed the League for not saving his family.

Now, as for Wonder Woman and her freak out. It would have made sense if we saw a bit more reciprocation on her part to Steve’s affections. But at least in the League books we didn’t see much except for from Steve's side. Also, I don’t remember ever seeing Wonder Woman having such contempt or even animosity toward Green Lantern. Granted, the battle was in the heat of the moment as she was guilt-ridden over her part in Steve’s abduction. Though seeing any friction between GL and Diana in past issues would have given the fight a better pay-off.

Also, glad to see Billy's story finally moving toward him becoming Shazam.

All in all, Justice League #11 was not an amazing issue, but it worked to move the story along. Till next time folks!

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