Dear Sci Fi Creators, What's With Three Boobed Women?!

Dear creators/purveyors/men of sci-fi,

What's the fascination with the triple boobage? I just don't understand it. Okay, for the sake of the Total Recall reboot you want to carry on the tradition as there was one in the first...but why was it there in the first place? Multiple breasted women have become somewhat of a thing in sci-fi, with appearances in Star Wars, Star Trek, Earth Girls Are Easy, Heavy Metal 2000, Necropolis, The Warrior, and The Sorceress and I'm sure many other pieces of literature and film I've excluded. While I can't speak for the entire geek nation, I have to say I'm not a fan.

Six breasts makes one look like a pregnant dog, and three boobs is just more annoying because the lack of symmetry messes with my mind! I know we geeks can be into some freaky stuff, but after a brief review with the GT staff, we all were quick to say none of us have a physical attraction to such oddities. Perhaps it's the novelty of the idea, maybe it's just easier to throw some "Ds" on it as opposed to more time in makeup. Someone make sense of this for me, because I'm truly at a loss.

Sincerely confused,

Mick Joest

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