Vince Vaughn Developing New BRADY BUNCH Series with CBS

Does the world really need a Brady Bunch reboot? Well, whether it needs it or not, it's happening. Vince Vaughn has teamed up with CBS to breath life into a new Brady Bunch series that THR describes as a "multicamera comedy about the famed TV family would revolve around the youngest of Mike Brady's boys, Bobby Brady, as a divorced dad who remarries and starts a new family." It will also include "Bobby and his new bride's exes and, like the original, feature their kids from previous marriages, along with the couple's shared child." So I guess it's more of a sequel than a reboot.

Yeah, I watched reruns of the show when I was growing up, but that's because there was nothing else on TV. So I wasn't really all that attached to it. I may end up watching the first episode out of curiosity, so we'll see if it wins me over. I hope it does--after all Vaughn is producing it with Peter Billingsley, and I like their comedic style. I'd like to believe they wouldn't develop a crap show, but you never know. My Name is Earl's Mike Mariano will be writing the series. 

Does a new Brady Bunch series from Vaughn do anything for you? 

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