DEADPOOL Goes Ballistic on Giant Lizard - Cover Art

ArtComic Bookby Joey Paur

This hilariously badass piece of cover art is for Deadpool #1, which is part of the new Marvel NOW! reboot series. 

Deadpool writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, and artist Tony Moore talked about the project in a recent interview with IGN in which they said...

Duggan: The runs that preceded us definitely laid the ground work for us, and we're fans of it. In this, I feel like he's still a nutbird. Can anyone correct me on that?
Posehn: Right.
Duggan: But he's a nutbird that might be a little more interested in interacting with people and seeing how that goes for him.
Posehn: And then the voices in his head, you'll see, are a little more organic. There's a reason for them – not that there wasn't before, but in ours, he gets a head injury in the first book. Somebody talks to him, but it's not his voice. How should I say this? One of the founding fathers comes in to help him. We don't know in the beginning if he's hallucinating or if it's part of his break with sanity or if this guy is really with him.
Duggan: I would say, though, if you're a fan of a mentally diminished Deadpool, your hopes will be met and your expectations rewarded. I think we wanted with the first issue to make a new Deadpool comic that a Deadpool fan will really enjoy and want to come back for the second issue. The other side there, though, is that we know this is a new #1 by guys that haven't done Deadpool yet, and we're hoping to pick up new fans who will buy the first issue and say, “Oh, this is what Deadpool is? I'm sticking around.” I think that's a balancing act that we did a pretty good job of. I think we made a fun comic that any Deadpool fan will recognize as a new chapter in Deadpool's publishing history.
Posehn: And if you're jumping in, it won't be hard to follow.


The new series launches in November, will you be getting in on this comic book action?