Epic STAR TREK Fan-Made Web Series

Videos Star Trek by Jim Napier

Trekkies, prepare to embark on a secret voyage with the help of this new fan-made web series created by Craig Sheeler. The series is being dubbed Star Trek: Secret Voyage, and picks up where The Original Series left off and the first Trek motion picture began. The show follows  "a new crew assembled by Starfleet for a covert mission." Watch as Captain Mercer (Tyrone Loukas) taking the Enterprise on a mission to negotiate a treaty, which takes them to the farthest reaches of space.

According to Blastr, the shows producers plan for a nice mix of classic Trek with some solid action sequences. The Original series is amazing, and this looks pretty damn good. I am not a huge fan of web series, but I may have to tune in for this show. Do you think that this looks good enough for you to tune in? Watch the pilot episode!

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