Dear Liam Neeson, THE BOURNE LEGACY Makes An Interesting Point

Mr. Neeson,

I was watching The Bourne Legacy over the weekend and I loved it, not that you give a s*** but just saying, if you find yourself looking for something to do on a slow day I recommend it. Anyway, I write to you for a different reason. Without spoiling too much for you, there is a scene in which Aaron Cross (aka Jeremy Renner) gets attacked by wolves. Yes wolves, but before you contact your attorney allow me to continue. Later on in the movie it's said that this is not common of wolves to hunt man, and the only explanation is that they don't consider Cross to be human...

Which got me thinking.

You've played a God, an immortal villain, and the first Jedi master to become one with the force in the afterlife. Wolves have been known for their keen senses and their ability to sense things on a level that we as humans are unaware of. They're of the ancients and their time on this Earth far transcends ours. I feel as though I've come to a dark secret to your life Mr. Neeson, and while I fear asking the question, I brave through this letter for the sake of humanity and a better knowledgeable world. My question for you Mr. Neeson...

Uh...what was it like working with wolves?!

please don't hurt me,

Mick Joest


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