RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK getting an IMAX Re-Release!?

Here's some potentially incredible news for all of you movie geeks out there! According to @elmayimbe from Latino Review, Paramount Pictures is going to announce tomorrow that Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark will be getting re-released in IMAX! Yes... IMAX!

We'll find out tomorrow if this turns out to be true, but El Mayimbe has a solid track record for knowing these kinds of things. Here's his tweet...

Tomorrow Paramount is going to announce that Raiders Of The Lost Ark will be getting a re-release in the IMAX format.

Raiders is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the thought of being able to see it in IMAX is insanely exciting! I've never seen Raiders on the big screen either, so watching it in IMAX would just be a mind blowing experience for me! 

What do you think about Raiders of the Lost Ark being re-released in IMAX? Does this news get you excited as well? 



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