Universal Drops Kristen Stewart from SNOW WHITE Sequels

Unsurprisingly Universal Pictures has dropped their plans for any Snow White sequels with Kristen Stewart. Instead they will focus on a spinoff film focusing on Chris Hemsworth and The Huntsman. Why? You all know why... right? In case you don't Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, with the director of Snow White and the Hunstsman, Rupert Sanders. There was a big scandal and now Universal doesn't want to work with Stewart anymore. It's not specified in the report, but I imagine Sanders wont be involved with the spinoff film either. 

According to a studio spokeswoman "The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise." THR reports that screenwriter David Koepp, who was hired to write the sequel, is being settled out of his contract, because the spinoff movie wont be the one he was hired to write. The studio is looking for a new writer, and they hope to start filming in July when Hemsworth is finished shooting Thor: The Dark World.

The original plan was to make two more films featuring Stewarts Snow White, and then by movie number three we would see a standalone Hunstsman movie. Snow White and the Huntsman was great visually, and Charlize Theron was awesome. Unfortunately the story and script sucked. I wouldn't really care if we didn't see anymore of these characters back on the big screen again. 

Do you think a Huntsman movie starring Hemsworth would be worth watching? He was pretty awful in the first movie, but maybe that was the directors fault. After all it was his first feature film. 

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