Insect Man Cast in KICK-ASS 2

Robert Emms has been cast as Insect Man in the Jeff Wadlow-directed Kick-Ass 2. The British actor has starred in the Tarsem Singh-directed Mirror, Mirror, Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse and Roland Emmerich's Anonymous

Insect Man is kind of a Spider-Man parody. "He claims to be a policeman but uses a costumed secret identity to do things that being a policeman doesn't allow him to do. In legal terms he would be considered a corrupt cop but his intentions appear to be noble. However, he wouldn't be the first superhero to lie about his origins, so anything he says is questionable. He joined Justice Forever, and armed with a baseball bat, assisted them in breaking up a human trafficking organization."

I'm looking forward to this Kick-Ass sequel. I loved the first film, and it sounds like this sequel is going to turn out just as good! 

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