Yesterday we got the official announcement the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark would be getting a week long IMAX re-release starting on September 7th. Now we have this poster art for the re-release to share with you.

Spielberg loves the new IMAX print that we'll get to see, and here's what he had to say about it in a statement:

I didn’t know if the 1981 print would stand up to a full IMAX transfer, so I came expecting a sort of grainy, muddy, and overly enlarged representation of the movie I had made [31] years ago. And I was blown away by the fact that it looked better than the movie I had made [31] years ago.

All the shadows in the earlier scenes that we shot in Hawaii [were] always kind of muddy anyway on 35mm, because we couldn’t schlep all of our big arc lights down into this valley. Suddenly, there was definition in the shadows, which I had never seen before. And the shadows weren’t murky and washed out; they were sharp as a tack.

Incredble! He went on to say that the next movie he'd like to do in IMAX is Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Um, yes please.

I think the only other movie I would ever think about going out on an IMAX screen would be Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Forty percent of that film was shot in 70 millimeters, so the conversion would look extraordinary if we ever did put it up on an IMAX screen.

Hell yeah, it would! Will you be going to the IMAX screening for this classic film?

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