Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon to Star in THE LONG RED ROAD

Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises) and Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) are set to star in the feature film adaptation of Brett C. Leonard's play, The Long Red RoadPhilip Seymour Hoffman already directed the work for the stage with Hardy playing the character Sammy. Here's a description of the story:

A devastating new play about the impact of addiction, The Long Red Road introduced audiences to Sammy, who has fled his past and landed in South Dakota, where he is slowlydrinking himself to death. When his young daughter arrives desperate to reunite with her father, he must decide between the self-hatred that consumes him and the responsibilities he’s tried to leave behind.

Sounds like a pretty intense drama, but I have no doubt that Hardy and Shannon will act the shit out of it. Hardy is set to reprise his role, and Shannon will play Sammy's brother, Bob. As of right now no director is officially attached, but there's a chance that Hoffman might end up being involved. 

It's going to be awesome to see Hardy and Shannon working together in a film like this. 

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