Brian Selznick's THE HOUDINI BOX Optioned for a Film

Movieby Joey Paur

The movie rights to Brian Selznick's young adult novel The Houdini Box have been acquired by Chernin Entertainment. For those of you not familiar with Selznick's work, he also wrote the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which Martin Scorsese wonderfully adapted for the big screen last year.

The book was published in 1991, and the story "centers on a boy who's trying unsuccessfully to perform Houdini's magic tricks when he meets his idol at a train station and begs Houdini to explain himself, eliciting a promise from Houdini to write. The boy finally receives a letter inviting him to Houdini's house -- only to discover that Houdini died that day and left him a mysterious, locked box."

Sounds like it has the same kind of magical tone that Hugo had. I love magic, and Houdini was able to pull off some incredible illusions. Over the years I've enjoyed reading books and watching films about his life and career. This should make for a great movie. At this point, it all comes down to the team they put together to bring the story to life. There's kind of an expectation that's been set after seeing what Scorsese did with Hugo.

I was actually just in Las Vegas and purchased a few magic tricks from the Houdini Magic Shop. 

Here's the official book describtion: 

Victor is forever trying to escape from locked trunks, to walk through walls, and to perform any number of Houdini's astonishing magic tricks...without success. Then -- amazingly -- he meets his idol and begs Houdini to explain himself. A mysterious, locked box is the only answer, and Victor is left to wonder: Does the box contain the secrets of the most famous magic tricks ever performed?

What do you think of this book getting the movie treatment? Are you a fan of magic?