Poor Chinese Man Builds Himself Bionic Arms


When Chinese farmer Sun Jifa lost both his hands due to a fishing bomb going off prematurely, he did not have enough money to afford prosthetics. Instead of begging on the streets for a helping hand, Jifa decided to make his own. Made completely out of steel, they are operated from the use of his elbows, and allow him to perform several tasks on his family farm. Jifa says it's helped him, for the most part, live a normal life.

I control them with movements from my elbows and I can work, love normally and feed myself just like anyone else. The only drawback is that steel is quite heavy so they're tiring to wear and get hot or cold in the extremes of summer and winter. I made this from scrap metal for virtually nothing. There is no need to pay hospitals a fortune.

Well it's good to know he can return to "loving normally"! One burning question I feel Blastr left out though, how did he make them exactly?! It's one thing to design bionic arms, but quite another to design bionic arms WITHOUT ARMS. Very impressive when looking at the pictures whatever the case.

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